10.11.2020: Webinar 'Collegial Leadership'

We would like to have organizations that are stable and are not thrown out of sync by just one small gust of wind. The challenge in these times, however, is that the gusts of wind that companies face have become increasingly stronger and happen more suddenly. The concept of adaptable organizations is the solution in my view. It would be wonderful if a company worked like a flock of migrant birds who invariably adapted to new circumstances such as wind, temperature or approaching enemies in a dynamic way. 

For organizations to behave like living systems (organisms) they must be interconnected dynamically. The model of collegial leadership tries to build upon that premise: employees in companies managed on the basis of collegial leadership are not caught up in hierarchies and tight job specifications, but are organized in teams that serve a specific purpose under their own responsibility. 

Whoever wants to learn how collegial leadership can be successful and which elements are particularly important, please take part in my open half-day webinar:


  • What is the purpose of an organization?
  • Changes in the understanding of leadership 
  • Empowering self-organized teams: delegation board, team board, decision-making procedures
  • Communication and language in companies based on collegial leadership
  • Reflection of the previously discussed topics

Target group: The training session is directed to company executives, people from human resources departments, managers and team leaders 

Objective of training: The training provides an understanding of the basic concept of collegial leadership, introduces some tools as well as practices and explains the idea how this concept can be implemented gradually.

Date: Nov. 10, 2020 - 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. - webinar

Fee: 145 € plus VAT

Registration: Brief email to andrea.schmitt@innovationstrainerin.de or use the contact form below

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