Freelance Leadership & Transformation Coach, Team Developer & Innovation Coach

What is my motivation? 

For me, innovative strength and resilience of companies start with good collaboration. Therefore, my efforts focus on supporting companies, leaders, teams and individual employees in rethinking their collaboration.

What I am good at, what do I like to do? Where do I generate added value?

My first and foremost goal is to bring teams and their leaders together to enter into mutual exchange. I find it very pleasing to see how a group comes up with solutions from within itself to achieve better communication, more self-organization, a re-distribution of responsibilities, and more specific role definitions. In my role as facilitator, I sometimes follow a rather open approach and sometimes a more disciplined approach – depending on what best suits a team at a given time. I frequently use agile methods and tools such as agile boards, collegial role selection, decision-making tools for teams, or agile retrospectives.

From time to time, individual sessions are required for leaders or individual team members in order to enable them to go along with change. I conduct such individual coachings based on systemic principles.

Depending on what best strengthens the team, I frequently start with methodological trainings. These trainings enable the team to decide whether they actually want to try out these methods in their daily routines or not. Often, these methodological trainings are the beginning of a longer-term process of change, which is facilitated by me or other coaches.

What experience do I have?

I have been working as a freelance trainer and coach across various industries for eight years. I have now worked with over 350 team members and their leaders in the area of modern collaboration models and have helped more than 30 teams to increase innovative capabilities and strengthen customer focus.

My customers include companies from various sectors such as insurance (LV 1871), logistics (Schenker Deutschland GmbH), medical technology (BioAnalyt), IT firms (Intech smart charging GmbH and Traveltainment GmbH), municipal marketing (Bad Nauheim Stadtmarketing und Touristik), municipal utilities (Bad Nauheim), energy (electricity carrier of the Swiss Canton of Schaffhausen, Switzerland) and education (Fontys International Business School, Netherlands).

28 years in the industry

Prior to becoming a freelancer, I was a permanent employee at various companies of the IT and telecommunications industries, including Deutsche Telekom AG, PA Consulting Group in the United Kingdom, and Mannesmann Eurokom GmbH.

At these companies, I gained international industry experience in roles such as technical project management, product management, technology consulting, business development, departmental management and agile coach.

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Education and training

I hold a degree in Electrical Engineering from the Ruhr University of Bochum, Germany (Graduate Engineer, 1995). In 2008, I graduated in Business Administration at the Institute for Research and Education in Business and Economics at the Distance Learning University of Hagen, Germany.

Apart from these two academic courses, I regularly attend advanced training programs at various organizations such as Strategyzer Academy (Alexander Osterwalder), Scrum Alliance, All-in-one-spirit (Matthias zur Bonsen) and Hasso Platter Institute for Design Thinking.

Most recently, I completed a training as Agile Organizational Developer (Werkstatt für Kollegiale Führung, Hamburg)
and a training as Systemic Coach and Team Developer (isb – Institute for Systemic Professionalism and Consulting) in Wiesloch, Germany).

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I was a speaker at conferences such as Brigitte Symposium 2018 in Essen, Germany, Copargo Community Day 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany, LeanConf 2014 in Manchester, UK, and Scrum Day 2014 in Böblingen, Germany. These conferences also give me networking opportunities with colleagues from the agile community.

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