24.2.2020: Training: Agile Organization Development

In February 2020, I will continue my training course to become an Agile Organization Developer. With this training, I will enhance my knowledge regarding self-organization, integral value system, methods of decision-making in teams and circular organizations. The training will be hosted by my colleagues Bernd Oestereich and Claudia Schröder in Hamburg, Germany.

In times of growing challenges and enormously fast changes we require organizations which are highly adaptive. We often summarize that under the keyword of 'resilient organizations'.

Like myself, my colleagues in Hamburg concentrate on a modern agile leadership culture and on a serving leader, who empowers teams and employees to work in an environment of self-organization. The organizational form required is no longer built upon hierarchies, but on a culture characterized by networking and collaboration. Frederic Laloux refers to this as an ‘evolutionary organization’. Already now, I am offering a seminar called ‘Organizational forms of the future’ within my coaching portfolio, in which I sensitize leaders and executives for that topic.

I am very much looking forward to this next part of the training, since we will learn based on experiences, how to accompany firms to the next level of self-organization most reasonably. The explanations of Frederic Laloux are remarkable catchy, but are mainly based on observations of self-organized companies from the outside and not on the companionship of an organisation on its way to more self-organisation.

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