My own training course: Systemic coaching and team development

In March this year, I started a two-year training course for systemic coaching at the isb (Institute for Systemic Professionalism and Consulting) in Wiesloch, Germany. Systemic perspectives can be found in both agile methods and the approach of shared leadership. Accordingly, this course represents the perfect fit to those topics that I have long since been working on. 

I am fascinated by the two aspects of reality construction and interaction and I am enjoying the way to dig deeper into their significance. 

Reality construction means that we are not faced with one instance of reality, but instead with a range of perceived realities. There is always an unlimited number of perspectives on a description or observation related to human encounters or relationships; therefore, there is no “one single truth”. The goal of systemic coaching is to explore as many perspectives as possible in order to enhance the number of potential solutions.

Interaction means that everything is connected, nothing is isolated. Therefore, nobody can predict what effects a change of one element will have on the overall system. Accepting this insight, in the best case, leads to a situation in which changes, e. g. in an organization, only can be made in small steps and in an attentive way, and any consequences arising from these changes have to be observed carefully. In terms of a relationship between two people, this means that a person does not have to submit himself or herself to a situation that is unpleasant to him or her without doing anything. Instead, they may drive change by changing their own behavior, because this, in turn, has an influence on the behavior of their coworkers.

These insights have become a permanent companion in my daily coaching work with teams and individuals. I expect that these aspects will have a stronger effect on my future work as my training progresses.

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