Seminar: Design Thinking - Truly user-focused working

Design Thinking is an iterative and team-based approach to develop solutions for complex issues. In this training, you will go through all six stages of the Design Thinking Process as part of a case study. You will experience what it means to work on a user-focused way and to test each and every single prototype, no matter how imperfect they are, directly with the user. 

Your benefit

You will explore the special characteristics of Design Thinking and how important it is to really understand the problem or issue. While going through all of the six Design Thinking phases, you will learn what cross-functional working feels like and how blunt customer feedback can be. You will learn methods such as interview and creative techniques. You will be surprised how much inspiration can be created when the user is put into the focus of your own consideration...

Seminar content

  • Introduction to Design Thinking
  • Understand the design challenge in the team – Stage 1
  • Observe and interview user yourself – Stage 2
  • Gain insights from the data collected – Stage 3
  • Generate solution ideas within the team – Stage 4
  • Create a prototype yourself – Stage 5
  • Test the prototype with the user and gain lessons learned – Stage 6
  • Reflection on what you have learned

Target group

This seminar is directed to all customer-facing staff, people with product and service responsibility, project leaders, people responsible for innovation, and managers willing to make a change.

Length of training and possible formats

This training is the equivalent of a full two-day workshop. It can be held in the following formats: either as an online training in the form of two half-day sessions plus one full-day session over a period of three weeks, or as an on-site training on two consecutive days. Please do not hesitate to contact me!

Date: by appointment

Price: 949 € per participant plus VAT, subject to a minimum of six participants

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